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Web-Design and Development: A Balance of Art and Science

Hello, my name is Demir. I am the owner and lead developer for SanDiegoWebDevel.com. I grew up in a family that emphasized heavy learning of the arts and sciences, and it was with this growth that I began to understand the balance of arts and sciences in everyday objects.

Take for example a watch. Here, the watchmaker must be precise in his methods to provide the exact function; the gears must mesh perfectly, the power source cannot translate into too much or too little torque, and the movement must be fluid. In this same note, the watchmaker must add form to attract his customers; the color of the dials, the exposing of jewels, and overall embellishment of the watch. This form and function must blend with precision to be worn on the wrist of the customer that desires it.

In this study of the everyday balance, I began to fall into web-design and web-development. Here, I found that the same principles apply. As a designer, I must create a page that attracts the target audience of your business. As a developer, I must blend this design with facets that make your website easy to update, formidable to spam and other attacks, and most importantly make sure people find you on the web.

While working in the tech industry, I began to see that some firms and freelancers were very impersonal. Generally after contracted, firms and freelancers are sporadic in their communication and updates. I additionally found that as soon as the contract is complete and payment rendered, the firm or freelancer would sever communication from the business they were developing for.

As I was raised to appreciate the arts and sciences, my parents also taught me the principles of kindness and equality. It is with these principles that I founded SanDiegoWebDevel.com. SanDiegoWebDevel.com was formed to deliver a high-quality website and stop the impersonality that comes with web-design and web-development. We offer a lifetime warranty on your website after it goes live, support and training after your site is live, and we will do everything we can to help your business grow online. To better focus our time on your site, we only take a limited amount of clients to make sure we meet if not exceed our quotas for your site.

SanDiegoWebDevel.com's Mission:

SanDiegoWebDevel.com brings the digital world of web-design and web-development to those businesses that need it, while making sure guidance and support is always close by.

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About San Diego Web Development and Design
My name is Demir, and I am here to help you grow your business.